#Music – James Paul McCartney MBE Fifty Years Ago 5am 1 One IX

This may seem out of place on here but I did plan to have posts about music here as well. I just never thought this would end up being the first thing music related that I end up writing about.

Paul McCartney is dead.

Let that sink in for a minute.
Now, anyone reading this is likely split into one of two groups.

Group 1: “Is he?”
Group 2: ” Yeah, he has been for years”

They say ignorance is bliss but for some, they would rather know the truth over the continuation of being decieved.
Myself, I fall into the latter so it always was of interest to me when I first read of a theory that one of the Beatles had died early on and had been replaced with an imposter.
Now could be a good time to grab a tin foil hat but I prefer to let provable evidence speak rather than peoples wild speculations. For this reason I will discuss things from the position of constantly questioning all the information presented regarding this theory.

The question you may have reading this post is “Do I believe the theory?”
My response: I didn’t. (Note my use of tense there)

So what exactly is this theory?

The Theory
On Wednesday morning at 5am on November 9th 1966, James Paul McCartney MBE left the studio in bad frame of mind (due to a disagreement over the key a song should be in) and in wet weather, he lost control and crashed his car into a pole killing himself from head related injuries.

No tin foil needed yet.
This is where it starts to get difficult to follow…

To continue as the Beatles, those involved conspired to keep McCartneys death a secret by having an imposter pretend to be McCartney. Thus allowing the public to not be affected by the tragedy and the band to continue as normal musically.

Still with me, or have you gone to buy the tin foil?
Sounds crazy right? The first time I became aware of the theory I didn’t believe it either.
Thankfully we all have the ability to research and dig deeper into evidence so that we may actually be able to disprove or confirm the theory. Ok, lets pause for a second.
A few pitfalls we have to keep in mind are the following:
Some people are actually crazy.
Some people have no problem lying eg fabricating things and telling tall stories.
Some people will have bias either for the theory, or against it.

Where do I sit in all that?
I am keeping an open mind and happy to pick holes in any element of the theory for or against it. I believe to get to the truth we must do this and look to find credible ways and methods to try and clarify any aspects of the theory.
Only then do you have a chance of really getting to the truth.

You can go on the internet and start reading all kinds of ideas including a lot of unfounded and unproven ideas and then you as well, could run with those and add to the blind bias one way or the other.

I wouldn’t recommend it as you would just be adding to the problem of the truth being even further kept hidden and lost beneath all the rumour, opinion and fabrications.

So how do we prove or disprove the theory one way or the other?
Lets just list all the information relating to the theory and disect each one.
No bias, just investigative effort and logical reasoning.

In no particular order here’s all I can recall reading online including aspects with multiple versions.

The Date
Many state it is November 9th 1966 and the time of 5am on a Wednesday.
Some have said it was around that season eg autumn of that year.

So how do we prove this?
We would need to research things like historical/original reports regarding things like traffic accidents in the area at that time. Another option would be any police records, hospital records locally and mortuary records locally. Death certificates may also be an option although generally, it all depends on what kind of record keeping existed back then in the 60s.

This provides us with a good start to investigating the fatal car crash. Even if the data only states numbers, as long as it can be filtered by area we could discover something.
What caught my eye immediately is this sentence on the wiki article:
The highest number of deaths in any one year was 9,169 people in 1941 during World War II. The highest figure during peacetime was 7,985 in 1966.

So 1966 was a very bad year with the most fatal car accidents of any year outside of wartime.
Those wearing tin foil will likely have cogs starting to turn. To everyone else it should mean nothing significant… yet.

Heading over to UK Government websites leads to the Department of Transport section which holds publicly accessible, full data, on traffic accidents causing casualty in accordance with STATS19 police incident reporting protocol.

You would think that this would provide answers but sadly we are talking about 50 years ago and STATS19 only became used from 1979 onwards so the data doesnt go further back than this.

Given the DtS disclosed the fact that the worst year was 1966, it would be of significant interest to provide all data on that year.
For this reason I have requested it be disclosed and should it be met with a refusal, there is always a Freedom of Information (FoI) request.
We shall see…

The Car
Many people said it was an Aston Martin being driven but others state it was a Mini.

This should be easy enough to prove if it is possible to find out which car(s) McCartney owned back then. Also knowing colours and registration plate numbers would be useful.

So just those two elements already allow anyone with an open mind to start researching if there is any truth to the theory.

There are many circumstantial elements people online list regarding the theory and if the deception was done to the scale of just a select few knowing the truth, then even those close to McCartney might not have even been aware for certain.

I say this as the thing that doesnt make sense to me the most is the aspect of McCartneys girlfriend at the time.
It just doesnt hold up to scrutiny very well and raises more questions and suspicions than it satisfies.

I know I will keep adding more to this post but for now, I will just say this…

As time goes on we are running out of involved parties being alive still to ask.

If anyone just through a google search finds this post and wants to comment, please do.

Understand though that if you believe the theory or deny it, whatever your reasoning please elaborate as it will help shape the post in future as I explore all angles.


To add:
Who the imposter is
Did the other Beatles know
Did his girlfriend know
Clues left behind
How it has remained unproven for so long
Do they look different
Any aspects that changed from that time onwards
Left handed right handed
Instrument proficiency
Voice change
Eye colour
Family aware
Imposter before that day
His real dads last words
Johns clues in album art etc
Johns clues in music after that date
Recent items auctioned showing johns original lyrics eg a day in the life
William Shepherd Campbell
Billy Pepper & The Pepperpots
Billy Shear
Who made the album designs art

I hope the truth is found before the last remaining Beatle dies.

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#IT – Setting Up 2 TalkTalk Routers To Extend Wi-Fi


This post will take some editing so keep that in mind. I will remove the WIP once finished.

To start, this will be a guide to allow 2 ISP routers to be configured so that the 2nd router acts as a Wi-Fi extender to allow the signal to have greater range.


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#IT – Blocking Websites Using The Hosts File

If you want to stop access to certain websites there are many ways to achieve this. One of them is through the HOSTS file on a Windows machine.

On Windows 7 you can find it in

If you go to search and look for


you should find a file without an extension. Open it up in Notepad and you will see that you can add to the end of the file.

An example would be localhost http://www.facebook.com http://www.twitter.com

This can be useful for restricting access to certain websites on specific machines/devices and also you could use this trick to actually block most ad sites so that you don’t need to run things like AdBlock Plus.

Parents might find it useful to protect younger eyes from the darker corners of the internet also.
No filter or censorship will ever make up for good parenting though so I’d say it’s always better to educate them rather than trying to restrict them hoping that will be enough.

Most routers (even ISP provided devices) allow for certain filters etc to be applied to the router but kids are more resourceful than you think and most know they just need to factory reset the router back to defaults. This hosts method means that they may not realise where the block actually is.

I honestly don’t know if similar things can be done on Android, UNIX etc but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is also possible on Linux distros and maybe even Mac OS X

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#IT – HP Z400 Xeon W3550 lower noise

3.06GHz, 3.33GHz turbo but the fan(s) kick in and sometimes you just want it to remain quiet but still run as fast as it can before the fans need to kick in.

Currently I have it set within Windows 7 power settings to give a max speed of 2.5GHz. This works quiet for most tasks but a few things cause the fans to kick in such as BI games (ArmA 2, ArmA 3, Day Z), also Garry’s Incident. Some other tasks can also cause noise including badly demanding websites such as Twitch. This is also useful in Summer etc when it is hot to allow downclocking to keep quiet AND cool.


To get 2.5GHz,
in the Control Panel,
Power Options,
Change Plan Settings,
Change advanced power settings,
Change settings that are currently unavailable,
Processor power management,

Minimum processor state 85%,
Maximum processor state 85%
This will keep the CPU running at most 2.5GHz and it will idle at 2.1GHz

Minimum processor state 1%,
Maximum processor state 85%
This will keep the CPU running at most 2.5GHz and it will idle at the lowest it can do which is 1.6GHz

Minimum processor state 81%,
Maximum processor state 81%
This will keep the CPU running at most 2.4GHz and it will idle at 1.9GHz

Minimum processor state 1%,
Minimum processor state 1%
This will keep the CPU running at most 1.6GHz and it will idle at 1.6GHz

The last one above is a significant downclock and is the coolest and quietest you can get the machine.

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#IT – YouTube buffer whole video

YouTube currently delivers video by only buffering short segments of the video at a time. This is fine for people most of the time. For some though, it can be a problem when they have slow internet or want to watch video at a quality better than their internet is capable of streaming.

For those times, this handy bookmarklet will take the URL of the YouTube video you want to watch and convert it into the full buffer version.

This means you can choose the desired quality/resolution you want to watch, start the video, then just pause it and wait until you have a good chunk buffered.

Now, when you hit play again, it should avoid the stop/start you constantly get normally if you pause it for long enough. Also, you can skip anywhere along the video parts that have buffered already and it should play instantly.

As a quick one-off, just change:

For automating this, here’s the bookmarklet
javascript: (function(){ var baseUrl = window.location.href; var videoIdCatch = baseUrl.match(/watch\?v=.+); if(!videoIdCatch || !videoIdCatch[0] { console.log(videoIdCatch); console.log(“did not find video”); return; } var videoId = videoIdCatch[0].substr(8); videoId = videoId.trim(); if(videoId && videoId !== “”) { var targetUrl = “http://www.youtube.com/v/” + videoId + “?version=2”; window.location.href = targetUrl; return; } console.log(“could not find video id”); })();

To use the above code…


  1. Right click your bookmark bar,
  2. Select “add page…”
  3. Type whatever you want to call it into the “Name:” area
  4. Copy the above code into the URL area

And there you go!


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#IT – Zeewolf Amiga game remake

As I sit here watching someone through Steam Broadcasting run around as a dinosaur in The Isle, I can’t help but notice something that is all too common in this day and age of gaming…
I can remember when Hitman came out for PC and I was amazed and impressed at the Columbian jungle level whereby Agent 47 would walk through the environment and as he walked through plants with big leaves, he would cause them to move as he went through them.
As I watch this gamer run as a dinosaur, the grass is long but it is just a static environmental prop, giving no feedback as the dinosaurs legs go right through it.
Without singling out The Isle – as it is very much still in development and the Unreal Engine – version 4 and for all I know this may actually be possible to do in the engine, this just jarringly reminded me of a time gone by in video gaming history…
Games just used to do more, with less.

Zeewolf was a 3D helicopter shooter game that was unfortunate enough to hit the Amiga at the end of the computers life in 1994. People had started looking to PC for computing and for gaming, most were on SEGA and Nintendo console efforts. The Sony PlayStation didn’t get its release to Europe and the West until 1995.

Zeewolf made quite an impact on release even though sales were lower than they should have been due to Amiga owners shifting to other machines at this point.
It scored well in magazine reviews, but more importantly it was a solid example of great gameplay and visuals ahead of its time. This was a game developed by people who just ‘got it’.

Visually Zeewolf had inspiration from a game called Virus by none other than David Braben of Elite fame. Using a 3D representation of the game world with the camera on the horizontal plane, the helicopter had satisfying physics and would rise and fall causing the viewpoint to rise and fall slightly on the vertical plane.
Most people struggled to control the craft (a spaceship) in Virus with a mouse so opted to use the joystick when playing Zeewolf which made the helicopter easier to control and the pitch and yaw were constrained to limits using the joystick. The real fun was using the mouse in Zeewolf though as you could go inverted and also use the unlimited pitch and yaw to pull off some crazy manoeuvres such as dropping near to ground very quickly and evading enemy fire.

The game world was made up of square tiles which varied in colour eg yellow/green/brown for land and 3 shades of blue for water, and also the ground varied in height. The landscape was rendered to a cut-off point as to allow for a playable framerate and each level was a different map with the player just looping the map if they continued flying in one direction for long enough eg the player clips from the edge of the level to the beginning of the other edge. The objects were flat shaded polygons to represent things such as the helicopter, trees, building, tanks and ships.

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#IT – Ad Revenue Options


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#IT – Games With Released Source Code

game source code

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#IT – Trello useful tips and tricks

Just recently started using Trello for things to replace the following:
bits of paper,
notepad files on computers,
sticky notes in windows,

and to keep on track with daily tasks.

I had a quick muck about and made some general todo lists etc and thought I would detail my initial observations  and also offer a few warnings to new Trello users.

It seems very good to use and once you get a feel for how it can help you, I am sure you will be relying on it every day.

I started by trying to change the background from the light blue to a custom image…
Ah so it isn’t quite free, if I want to do that I need to pay although they are good enough to offer a scheme whereby if you refer people and they sign up, you get a free month of premium.
You can refer up to 12 people so that gets you a whole year of fancy access. Not bad!

I decided not to initially, so off I went changing the background to a choice of about 6-8 pastel colours. This was fine and I ended up settling on the default light blue colour anyway.

I made a board for Everything with a plan to putting all items on it to get rid of Sticky Notes on Windows machines (Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and paper written notes.

I then made a Personal board for all my own to-do tasks etc
I then made a Work board for dev type stuff
I then made another board for something else…

This last board creation proved to be redundant for my needs so I tried to close it and herein lies my first warning to new Trello users:

Only make enough boards for what you actually need as you cannot fully delete any excess boards you make!

On this redundant board I had made a few Lists and also found that you can delete Lists but you will always end up with the first List having to exist.

My only workaround for these issues was to just name the Board something plain eg Board1 and to name the first List something plain eg List1

So don’t go crazy like I did and make too many boards/lists unless you actually need them ;o)


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#IT – Video Game Publisher List June 2016

Just a battle plan for publisher info as I research.

Mainly doing this for myself and also ZPS.


ZPS List

Their googledoc:

Their list of publishers:
stompy bot
koch media deep silver
adult swim
digital tribe
505 games
square enix japan
square enix collective
take two
1c publishing
surprise attack
sony computer entertainment
warner bros int
activ blizzard
disney interactive
bandai namco
electronic arts
focus multimedia
majesco ent
nordic games
maximum games
ci games
iceberg int
topware int
anuman int
d3 pub
excalib pub
dtp ent
bethesda soft
curve digital
wales int
bohemia int
ime gmbh

total zps list = 50

sorted by a-z
0-9 – 1c, 505
a – activis, adult swim, alawar, anuman, aspyr
b – bandai namco, bethesda softworks, bohemia interactive
c – capcom, ci games, codemasters, curve digital
d – d3 pub, deep silver / koch media, devolver digital, digital tribe, disney int, dtp ent
e – electronic arts, excaliber pub
f – focus home int, focus multi
g – gametrust
h – headup games
i – iceberg int, ime gmbh
k – kalypso media, koch media / deep silver, konami
m – majesco ent, maximum games, microsoft game studios
n – nordic games group
p – paradox int
s – sega, sony comp ent, square enix, square enix collective, starbreeze studios, stardock corp, stompy bot, surprise attack
t – take two int, team17, telltale, topware int
u – ubisoft
w – wales int, warner bros int ent (warn a brother! haha),




My List:

humblebundle store (when offers are on, it has publisher collections)

bundlestars (600+ publishers!?!?)

0-9 – 10tons ltd, 17-bit, 1c company, 1c online games, 1c-777, 1c-softclub, 1csoftclub, 22cans ltd., 24 caret games, 2d heroes, 2dengine, 2tainment, 2×2 games, 30/30, 3d realms, 3d realms (apogee software), 3f interactive, 4sdk, 800 north and digital ranch, 89am studio, 8floor, 8floor ltd., 9heads game studios

a – a crowd of monsters, aad productions, aaron legault, ace maddox, ace team, agent mega, agharta studio, alawar entertainment, alda games, aldorlea games, alex zhang, alexander mirdzveli, alientrap, alister software, all seeing eye games, amplitude studios, analgesic productions, angry mob games, animakemu games, ankama games, ansimuz games, apogess software, arachnid games, arcen games llc, arctic anteater, argonauts interactive, armor games, arrowgroundgames, articy software gmbh & co. kg, artifex mundi sp. z o.o., artifice studio, artur games, aspyr (mac), asteristic game studio, astragon entertainment gmbh, astragon sales & services gmbh, astragon software gmbh, atari, atari inc., aterdux entertainment, atlus, atomictorch studio, auroch digital, autumn games, awesome games studio, awesomeblade, axel shokk, axis game factory inc. axis game factory llc, axis games, axyos games

b – back to basic gaming, badfly interactive, badfly interactive a.s., baggy cat, batholith entertainment, battlegoat studios, beamdog, beautifun games, bedtime digital games, behold studios, berserk games, betadwarf, bethesda softworks, biart company llc, big robot ltd, bigger boat, bigosaur, big sandwichgames, big sims.com, binary cocoa, binary fortress software, bit planet games llc, bitbox ltd., bitbox s.l., bitcomposer games, black forest games, black jacket studios, black maple games, black shell media, blackfire games, blackmill games, blackmoon design, blackpowder games, blacksea odyssey, blankmediagames, blaze epic, blazing griffin, blazing griffin ltd, blazing griffin ltd., blockland llc, bloodshadow games, blueline games, boncho games, bongfish gmbh, bootsnake games, bossa studios, braindistrict, braingoodgames, brhp, brilliant skies ltd., broken rules, broken window studios, bsk games, bulkypix

c – carlos coronado, carlotta tatti, carlsen games, casualogic, chainsawesome games, chaosoft games, chasing carrots, cherry pop games, chicken in the corn, chivue games, chronicle bench, ci games, cineaware, cinemax s.r.o, cipher prime studios, citeremis inc., clapfoot, cleverweek, cliffhanger productions, climax group, cobra mobile, codemasters, coffee stain studios, colapowered games, colibri games, colloseusX, cosmi, cowboy color, cp decision, crankshaft games, creoteam, critical brit, crunching koalas, crytek, csrstudios, cuddly zombie studios, curious panda games, curve digital, cyanide, cyber rhino studios, cyberphobX

d – daedalic entertainment, dagestan technology, dan walters, dancing devils, daniel davies, dark day interactive, dark energy digital ltd., david o’reilly, david szymanski, dead mage, dead shark triplepunch, deceptive games, deco digital, deep silver, deep silver, defrost games, degica, deion mobile, delirium studios, demon wagon studios, developers pack, digerati distribution, digital eel, digital tentacle, digital tribe, digitaldna games llc, diminished studios, displace media, dissident logic, dns development, dolores entertainment, doomster entertainment, doppler interactive, doragon entertainment, double eleven, double fine presents, double fine productions, doublesix games, dovetail games trains, dovetail games – fishing, doyodo, dq team, dreamworlds, drinkbox studios, dtp entertainment, duelboot, dvaput, dzung phung dinh

e – eclipse games, eddy games, electolyte, eline media, empty clip studios, encore, endemol shine uk, endless loop studios, enlight software limited, enter main loop, erosa games, eurovideo medien, evan todd, eversim, evil twin artworks, excalbur games, excalibur, exosyphen studios, extend studio, ezzat studios

f – fabraz, fancy fish games, farsky interactive, final boss entertainment, firebrand games, firefly studios, firefly studios, fish eagle, fishing cactus, five-bn games, fivebn games, flat earth games, flexile studio, flying interactive, flying wild hog, focus home interactive, focus multimedia, forever entertainment s. a., forever humble pdx, forthright entertainment, fred wood, freebird games, fresh3d, frima studio, frogdice inc. from soy sauce llc, fruitbat factory, full control, fun creators, funbox media ltd, funcom, fx interactive

g – gaijin-entertainment-corporation, galaxy trail, game factory interactive, gameblyr, gamepot inc., games faction, games farm, gamestarters, gameware studios, gamious, garden knight games, gato salvaje s.l. gce llc, geek sloth games, ghost crab games, giant army, giant box games, giants softwarem, ginormocorp holdings ltd, glass knuckle games, grabthegames, graveck, gravity europe sas, gravity europe sas, green lava studios, green man loaded, gsc game world, gsc world publishing, guerrilla bandit

h – hailstorm games, hammer labs, hammerfall publishing, handelabra games inc., haruneko entertainment, hd publishing, headup games, headup games, herocraft, herocraft ltd., hjo creations, holy warp, homa design, homegrown games, hoven indies, human head studios, humongous entertainment

i – ian maclarty, ice water games, iceberg interactive, id software, idea factory international, illfonic, image space incorporated, image&form, imgn.pro, immanitas entertainment, impromptu games, independent, indietopia games, infinitap games, initials, insgames limited, instinct software ltd., interdimiensional games inc, intoxicate-studios, intoxicate studios, iocaine studios, ionfx studios, iron galaxy studios, ironhide game studio, isotx, iv productions

j – jackbox games inc. jake huhman, jesse makkonen, jforce games, jogxor, jochen mistiaen, joybits ltd, just a game,

k – k monkey, kalypso media digital, kalypso media digital, kasedo games, kavcom, kbros games, keen software house, kerberos productions inc., keys of nine entertaiment, khb soft, killhouse games, kindermann corp. kintogames, kiss ltd, kiss ltd, kitatus studios, kitfox games, kittehface software, knuckle cracker, koch media gmbh, koga tech limited, kot in action creative artel, kranx productions, krealit, krillbite studio, krutovig, krystian majewski, kupi key

l – lace games, legacy games, libredia, light echo, lightning man media, lightsoutgames, limasse five, lo-fi games, logic artists, lonely troops, lord bytesworth, lost decade games, lostwood, ludochip, ludosity, luke godfrey, lupus studios, lw games

m – m2h, mad ram software, major games, manic game, studios, maql, marko silvasvuori, marvelous, marvelousaql, massive damage inc., mastertronic, mastiff, matthew brown, matthew coyle, maximum games, medungeon ltd., merge games, meridian4, microblast games, might and delight, mighty rabbit studios, milkstone studios, milky tea studios, minmax games ltd., minor key games, missing link games, mladen bosnjak and ron mcdowell, monkeymaw, monochrome inc, mpr art hallucinations, muha games, mubojumbo, muse games, muzzy lane software, myra d’ann, myrolit studios, mystic box

n – n3v games, n94games, nami tentou mushi llc, nd games, nekki gmbh, neko entertainment, nekomura games, nemesys games, nemoria entertainment, neocoregames, nether productions llc, new reality games, new source entertainment, new world interactive, next dimension game adventures ltd., niels bauer games, niffler ltd., night dive studios, night node, nimble tools, nine tales digital, nis america, nis america inc., nival, nkidu games inc., nordic games, nova dimension, nowhere studios, nukgames, nyamyam

o – ocean media llc, octopus tree, oliver keppelmuller, onebiggame, oointah, oovee game studios, orangepixel, organic humans, origo games, oryon entertainment, osao games, osprey publishing, out of the park developments, over the moon, owlchemy labs

p – paleozoic, pantera entertainment, panzer gaming studios, peach pie productions, peaksel d.o.o. nis, petroglyph, phoenix online publishing, phr00t’s software, pictopotamus, piko interactive llc, pixel barrage entertainment inc. playbrains, playway inc, playway s.a., plug in digital, plug in digital, polarityflow, pompom games, powerhoof, prism entertainment, prologue games, proper games, proteus pixel, psydra games llc, psyonix, psyop games, puppy games, puuba, pyrodactyl

q – qgames ltd., quadro delta, questtracers

r – raceroom entertainment ag, raconteur games, radiationburn, rain games, rake in grass, ratz ‘n’ godz, ravegan, ravenscourt, raving bots, raw fury, rcto productions, re-logic, reakktor studios, rebellion, red level games inc., reef entertainment, refactored games ou, relevant games, remedy entertainment, replay games, retrific, retroism, reverb publishing, reverb triple xp, reverie world studios inc, revolution software ltd, rezoner, riftygames, ripatti software, ripstone, risen phoenix studios, rising star games, rival games ltd, rokapublish gmbh, ron mcdowell and kyle polulak, rondomedia gmbh, roseverte, rotateam, rune storm, running with scissors

s – saibot studios, sakari games, sakari indie, santa clara games, sanuk games, schine gmbh, scorpius games, screen 7, scs software, seaven studio, sekai project, serellan llc, serenity forge, shadowshifters, shaman games studio, shaunjs, shawn beck, sherman3d, shiro games, shiver games, shovsoft, sigma team inc., silver dollar games, simbin, simogo, simon prefontaine, size five games, skobbejak games, skygoblin, sleepy duck educational games, slitherine ltd., smudged cat games ltd, snow cannon games, snowbird games, sometimes you, sonic sloth, south east games, southpeak games, space boat studios, sparpweed, spiky snail, spooky star, squid in a box ltd, srj studio, stainless games ltd, stamina games, stickmen studios, stirfire studios, storm_sharks, strategy first, studio evil, subaltern games llc, subvert games, subworld, suckerfree games, sunside, inc, superhot team, supervillian studios, surprise attack, surprise attack

t- tagstar games, tale of tales, talentplace, taleworlds entertainment, tamarin studios, targem games, tate multimedia, team reptile, team tripleslash, team17 digital ltd, techland, tentreegames, tequibo, ternox, teyon, thang phung dinh, the astronauts, the binary mill, the brotherhood, the domaginarium, the game creators, the game creators ltd, the indie forge, the secret pie, the working parts, thechineseroom, thorsten schleinzer, thq, three gates, timeslip softworks, tin man games, tinybuild, toco games, tomkorp computer solutions inc. tonguc bodur, topware interactive, topware interactive, tom banner studios, toxic games, transhuman, transhuman design, treefortress games, trese brothers, triangle studios, triple.b.btitles, tripwire interactive, triverske, turtle cream

u – uber entertainment, ubisoft, unfinished pixel, united independent entertainment, united independent entertainment gmbh, united independant entertainment gmbh

v – vae victis games, valu soft, varagtp, vector games, vector unit, versus evil, versus evil, vertigo gaming inc., vidiludi games and entertainment, viperante, viva media, vivid games s.a., vogelsap, voidmain studios

w – wales interactive, warlock arts, warner bros. interactive entertainment, wastelands interactive, wb games, weird and wry, west coast software, white rabbit games, wicked loot, wildtangent, winter wolves, wired productions, wither studios llc, wxp games llc, wytchlight

x – xaviant games, xgen studios, xiotex studios, xtase studios

y – yazar media group llc, yeaboing, yggdrasil studio, yokcos, youdagames

z – zachtronics, zackbellgames, zaxis games, zeiva inc, zeno rogue, zeritum, zero rock entertainment, zillion whales, zomboka entertainment, zooloretto, zooptek, zut games,



























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