A To-Do Of Sorts… Things I Plan To Post About

1). Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi & 3G – Tips & Tricks

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • How to e-mail PDFs for free to the Kindle and have it auto-convert to Kindle
  • Best uses of the built in 3G
  • How to view websites better on the Kindle Keyboard
  • Best features of the Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wi-Fi & 3G

2). Basic guide to installing Windows 7 onto computers with normal hard drives (HDD)

  • Easy-to-follow guide including where to get the images from, how to check they are official, how to burn them to a dvd disc, how to run the disc, how to set up your hard drive, which option to choose in the installer, what to do next after Windows 7 is installed eg hardware specific drivers, software and optional Windows 7 installer software

3). MediaFire
4). OBS guide
5). Seagate GoFlex guide
6). Developing fractal application starting with Mandelbrot
7). useful wordpress.com links
8). themes that caught my eye
9). extend your wifi with a 2nd router
10). list of free pc games
11). list of free pc software
12). music gemiinii riisiing
13). music porsalin
14). games with released source code
15). ad revenue options
16). fixing android phone stuck on boot loop
17). updating android os when provider doesn’t bother
18). films getting a mention
19). hg635 2 router setup to extend wifi
20). how to fix wd mybook 2tb and recover wiped files
21). game dev – where to begin
22). running amd and nvidia gpu in the same system
23). running a quadro on geforce drivers
24). developing a game engine
25). How to output at resolutions higher than your monitors native using the gpu (amd/nvidia)
26). How to get BenQ drivers etc when you dont have the supplied disc anymore.
27). BenQ RL/GL/GW XXXX series port/connector layout using GW2760HM as an example
28). Samsung N510 netbook install guide
29). HP EliteBook 8570W laptop install guide
30). Samsung N510 output at 1080p guide
31). Graphics card stock and default clocks
32). Blender Big Buck Bunny assets
33). Zeewolf
34). Z Virus Blitz 3D
35). Learning to program in C
36). Learning to program in Java
37). Learning to program in C#
38). Learning to program in C++
39). Learning to program in JavaScript
40). Learning to program in Turbo Pascal
41). Learning to program in Delphi
42). Learning to program in PHP
43). Learning to program in HTML
44). Learning how to use Unity
45). Learning how to use CryEngine
46). Learning how to use UnrealEngine
47). Books for game dev
48). Books for programming
49). Learning how to use Source Engine
50). Learning how to use Blender
51). Learning how to use Blender Game Engine
52). How to use Audacity to slow down guitar solos for learning
53). Linx8 tablet guide
54). Raspberry Pi guide
55). Gaming with nvidia sli
56). How to overclock quickly, safely and successfully
57). Useful software for overclocking and system monitoring (msi afterburner, rivatuner, hwinfo)
58). good dev/gamedev content eg caseys vids, Philips vids, gdc vids eg skullgirls animation and skyrim modular creation
59). Using xbox 360 wired and wireless pad with HP Z400 workstations
60). Benq monitor hidden menu at power on
61). Radiohead chiptune
62). SRWare Ion browser
63). Global Defence Array
64). babani it books
65). useful batch files
66). reminder app
67). alarm app and shutdown timer
68). windows 7 built-in back and restore feature guide
69). Learning to use Amazon Lumbaryard
70). choosing an IDE – Eclipse
71). fighting sprites site
72). free opensource game assets
73). how not to develop video games
74). how to use Android Studio 2.0
75). PhysX open sourced
76). havoc physics engine
77). bullit physics engine
78). Test Drive Unlimited 2
79). Video game Intellectual Property (IP) licensing
80). Learning to use Visual Studio IDE
81). Learning to use Emacs IDE
82). Space Invaders reference material
83). App to pin windows applications to ‘on top’
84). music/creative showcase profile app.
85). reminder type app
86). ?



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