#IT – Trello useful tips and tricks

Just recently started using Trello for things to replace the following:
bits of paper,
notepad files on computers,
sticky notes in windows,

and to keep on track with daily tasks.

I had a quick muck about and made some general todo lists etc and thought I would detail my initial observations  and also offer a few warnings to new Trello users.

It seems very good to use and once you get a feel for how it can help you, I am sure you will be relying on it every day.

I started by trying to change the background from the light blue to a custom image…
Ah so it isn’t quite free, if I want to do that I need to pay although they are good enough to offer a scheme whereby if you refer people and they sign up, you get a free month of premium.
You can refer up to 12 people so that gets you a whole year of fancy access. Not bad!

I decided not to initially, so off I went changing the background to a choice of about 6-8 pastel colours. This was fine and I ended up settling on the default light blue colour anyway.

I made a board for Everything with a plan to putting all items on it to get rid of Sticky Notes on Windows machines (Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and paper written notes.

I then made a Personal board for all my own to-do tasks etc
I then made a Work board for dev type stuff
I then made another board for something else…

This last board creation proved to be redundant for my needs so I tried to close it and herein lies my first warning to new Trello users:

Only make enough boards for what you actually need as you cannot fully delete any excess boards you make!

On this redundant board I had made a few Lists and also found that you can delete Lists but you will always end up with the first List having to exist.

My only workaround for these issues was to just name the Board something plain eg Board1 and to name the first List something plain eg List1

So don’t go crazy like I did and make too many boards/lists unless you actually need them ;o)



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