#IT – Games With Released Source Code

game source code

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#IT – Trello useful tips and tricks

Just recently started using Trello for things to replace the following:
bits of paper,
notepad files on computers,
sticky notes in windows,

and to keep on track with daily tasks.

I had a quick muck about and made some general todo lists etc and thought I would detail my initial observations  and also offer a few warnings to new Trello users.

It seems very good to use and once you get a feel for how it can help you, I am sure you will be relying on it every day.

I started by trying to change the background from the light blue to a custom image…
Ah so it isn’t quite free, if I want to do that I need to pay although they are good enough to offer a scheme whereby if you refer people and they sign up, you get a free month of premium.
You can refer up to 12 people so that gets you a whole year of fancy access. Not bad!

I decided not to initially, so off I went changing the background to a choice of about 6-8 pastel colours. This was fine and I ended up settling on the default light blue colour anyway.

I made a board for Everything with a plan to putting all items on it to get rid of Sticky Notes on Windows machines (Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and paper written notes.

I then made a Personal board for all my own to-do tasks etc
I then made a Work board for dev type stuff
I then made another board for something else…

This last board creation proved to be redundant for my needs so I tried to close it and herein lies my first warning to new Trello users:

Only make enough boards for what you actually need as you cannot fully delete any excess boards you make!

On this redundant board I had made a few Lists and also found that you can delete Lists but you will always end up with the first List having to exist.

My only workaround for these issues was to just name the Board something plain eg Board1 and to name the first List something plain eg List1

So don’t go crazy like I did and make too many boards/lists unless you actually need them ;o)


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#IT – Video Game Publisher List June 2016

Just a battle plan for publisher info as I research.

Mainly doing this for myself and also ZPS.


ZPS List

Their googledoc:

Their list of publishers:
stompy bot
koch media deep silver
adult swim
digital tribe
505 games
square enix japan
square enix collective
take two
1c publishing
surprise attack
sony computer entertainment
warner bros int
activ blizzard
disney interactive
bandai namco
electronic arts
focus multimedia
majesco ent
nordic games
maximum games
ci games
iceberg int
topware int
anuman int
d3 pub
excalib pub
dtp ent
bethesda soft
curve digital
wales int
bohemia int
ime gmbh

total zps list = 50

sorted by a-z
0-9 – 1c, 505
a – activis, adult swim, alawar, anuman, aspyr
b – bandai namco, bethesda softworks, bohemia interactive
c – capcom, ci games, codemasters, curve digital
d – d3 pub, deep silver / koch media, devolver digital, digital tribe, disney int, dtp ent
e – electronic arts, excaliber pub
f – focus home int, focus multi
g – gametrust
h – headup games
i – iceberg int, ime gmbh
k – kalypso media, koch media / deep silver, konami
m – majesco ent, maximum games, microsoft game studios
n – nordic games group
p – paradox int
s – sega, sony comp ent, square enix, square enix collective, starbreeze studios, stardock corp, stompy bot, surprise attack
t – take two int, team17, telltale, topware int
u – ubisoft
w – wales int, warner bros int ent (warn a brother! haha),




My List:

humblebundle store (when offers are on, it has publisher collections)

bundlestars (600+ publishers!?!?)

0-9 – 10tons ltd, 17-bit, 1c company, 1c online games, 1c-777, 1c-softclub, 1csoftclub, 22cans ltd., 24 caret games, 2d heroes, 2dengine, 2tainment, 2×2 games, 30/30, 3d realms, 3d realms (apogee software), 3f interactive, 4sdk, 800 north and digital ranch, 89am studio, 8floor, 8floor ltd., 9heads game studios

a – a crowd of monsters, aad productions, aaron legault, ace maddox, ace team, agent mega, agharta studio, alawar entertainment, alda games, aldorlea games, alex zhang, alexander mirdzveli, alientrap, alister software, all seeing eye games, amplitude studios, analgesic productions, angry mob games, animakemu games, ankama games, ansimuz games, apogess software, arachnid games, arcen games llc, arctic anteater, argonauts interactive, armor games, arrowgroundgames, articy software gmbh & co. kg, artifex mundi sp. z o.o., artifice studio, artur games, aspyr (mac), asteristic game studio, astragon entertainment gmbh, astragon sales & services gmbh, astragon software gmbh, atari, atari inc., aterdux entertainment, atlus, atomictorch studio, auroch digital, autumn games, awesome games studio, awesomeblade, axel shokk, axis game factory inc. axis game factory llc, axis games, axyos games

b – back to basic gaming, badfly interactive, badfly interactive a.s., baggy cat, batholith entertainment, battlegoat studios, beamdog, beautifun games, bedtime digital games, behold studios, berserk games, betadwarf, bethesda softworks, biart company llc, big robot ltd, bigger boat, bigosaur, big sandwichgames, big sims.com, binary cocoa, binary fortress software, bit planet games llc, bitbox ltd., bitbox s.l., bitcomposer games, black forest games, black jacket studios, black maple games, black shell media, blackfire games, blackmill games, blackmoon design, blackpowder games, blacksea odyssey, blankmediagames, blaze epic, blazing griffin, blazing griffin ltd, blazing griffin ltd., blockland llc, bloodshadow games, blueline games, boncho games, bongfish gmbh, bootsnake games, bossa studios, braindistrict, braingoodgames, brhp, brilliant skies ltd., broken rules, broken window studios, bsk games, bulkypix

c – carlos coronado, carlotta tatti, carlsen games, casualogic, chainsawesome games, chaosoft games, chasing carrots, cherry pop games, chicken in the corn, chivue games, chronicle bench, ci games, cineaware, cinemax s.r.o, cipher prime studios, citeremis inc., clapfoot, cleverweek, cliffhanger productions, climax group, cobra mobile, codemasters, coffee stain studios, colapowered games, colibri games, colloseusX, cosmi, cowboy color, cp decision, crankshaft games, creoteam, critical brit, crunching koalas, crytek, csrstudios, cuddly zombie studios, curious panda games, curve digital, cyanide, cyber rhino studios, cyberphobX

d – daedalic entertainment, dagestan technology, dan walters, dancing devils, daniel davies, dark day interactive, dark energy digital ltd., david o’reilly, david szymanski, dead mage, dead shark triplepunch, deceptive games, deco digital, deep silver, deep silver, defrost games, degica, deion mobile, delirium studios, demon wagon studios, developers pack, digerati distribution, digital eel, digital tentacle, digital tribe, digitaldna games llc, diminished studios, displace media, dissident logic, dns development, dolores entertainment, doomster entertainment, doppler interactive, doragon entertainment, double eleven, double fine presents, double fine productions, doublesix games, dovetail games trains, dovetail games – fishing, doyodo, dq team, dreamworlds, drinkbox studios, dtp entertainment, duelboot, dvaput, dzung phung dinh

e – eclipse games, eddy games, electolyte, eline media, empty clip studios, encore, endemol shine uk, endless loop studios, enlight software limited, enter main loop, erosa games, eurovideo medien, evan todd, eversim, evil twin artworks, excalbur games, excalibur, exosyphen studios, extend studio, ezzat studios

f – fabraz, fancy fish games, farsky interactive, final boss entertainment, firebrand games, firefly studios, firefly studios, fish eagle, fishing cactus, five-bn games, fivebn games, flat earth games, flexile studio, flying interactive, flying wild hog, focus home interactive, focus multimedia, forever entertainment s. a., forever humble pdx, forthright entertainment, fred wood, freebird games, fresh3d, frima studio, frogdice inc. from soy sauce llc, fruitbat factory, full control, fun creators, funbox media ltd, funcom, fx interactive

g – gaijin-entertainment-corporation, galaxy trail, game factory interactive, gameblyr, gamepot inc., games faction, games farm, gamestarters, gameware studios, gamious, garden knight games, gato salvaje s.l. gce llc, geek sloth games, ghost crab games, giant army, giant box games, giants softwarem, ginormocorp holdings ltd, glass knuckle games, grabthegames, graveck, gravity europe sas, gravity europe sas, green lava studios, green man loaded, gsc game world, gsc world publishing, guerrilla bandit

h – hailstorm games, hammer labs, hammerfall publishing, handelabra games inc., haruneko entertainment, hd publishing, headup games, headup games, herocraft, herocraft ltd., hjo creations, holy warp, homa design, homegrown games, hoven indies, human head studios, humongous entertainment

i – ian maclarty, ice water games, iceberg interactive, id software, idea factory international, illfonic, image space incorporated, image&form, imgn.pro, immanitas entertainment, impromptu games, independent, indietopia games, infinitap games, initials, insgames limited, instinct software ltd., interdimiensional games inc, intoxicate-studios, intoxicate studios, iocaine studios, ionfx studios, iron galaxy studios, ironhide game studio, isotx, iv productions

j – jackbox games inc. jake huhman, jesse makkonen, jforce games, jogxor, jochen mistiaen, joybits ltd, just a game,

k – k monkey, kalypso media digital, kalypso media digital, kasedo games, kavcom, kbros games, keen software house, kerberos productions inc., keys of nine entertaiment, khb soft, killhouse games, kindermann corp. kintogames, kiss ltd, kiss ltd, kitatus studios, kitfox games, kittehface software, knuckle cracker, koch media gmbh, koga tech limited, kot in action creative artel, kranx productions, krealit, krillbite studio, krutovig, krystian majewski, kupi key

l – lace games, legacy games, libredia, light echo, lightning man media, lightsoutgames, limasse five, lo-fi games, logic artists, lonely troops, lord bytesworth, lost decade games, lostwood, ludochip, ludosity, luke godfrey, lupus studios, lw games

m – m2h, mad ram software, major games, manic game, studios, maql, marko silvasvuori, marvelous, marvelousaql, massive damage inc., mastertronic, mastiff, matthew brown, matthew coyle, maximum games, medungeon ltd., merge games, meridian4, microblast games, might and delight, mighty rabbit studios, milkstone studios, milky tea studios, minmax games ltd., minor key games, missing link games, mladen bosnjak and ron mcdowell, monkeymaw, monochrome inc, mpr art hallucinations, muha games, mubojumbo, muse games, muzzy lane software, myra d’ann, myrolit studios, mystic box

n – n3v games, n94games, nami tentou mushi llc, nd games, nekki gmbh, neko entertainment, nekomura games, nemesys games, nemoria entertainment, neocoregames, nether productions llc, new reality games, new source entertainment, new world interactive, next dimension game adventures ltd., niels bauer games, niffler ltd., night dive studios, night node, nimble tools, nine tales digital, nis america, nis america inc., nival, nkidu games inc., nordic games, nova dimension, nowhere studios, nukgames, nyamyam

o – ocean media llc, octopus tree, oliver keppelmuller, onebiggame, oointah, oovee game studios, orangepixel, organic humans, origo games, oryon entertainment, osao games, osprey publishing, out of the park developments, over the moon, owlchemy labs

p – paleozoic, pantera entertainment, panzer gaming studios, peach pie productions, peaksel d.o.o. nis, petroglyph, phoenix online publishing, phr00t’s software, pictopotamus, piko interactive llc, pixel barrage entertainment inc. playbrains, playway inc, playway s.a., plug in digital, plug in digital, polarityflow, pompom games, powerhoof, prism entertainment, prologue games, proper games, proteus pixel, psydra games llc, psyonix, psyop games, puppy games, puuba, pyrodactyl

q – qgames ltd., quadro delta, questtracers

r – raceroom entertainment ag, raconteur games, radiationburn, rain games, rake in grass, ratz ‘n’ godz, ravegan, ravenscourt, raving bots, raw fury, rcto productions, re-logic, reakktor studios, rebellion, red level games inc., reef entertainment, refactored games ou, relevant games, remedy entertainment, replay games, retrific, retroism, reverb publishing, reverb triple xp, reverie world studios inc, revolution software ltd, rezoner, riftygames, ripatti software, ripstone, risen phoenix studios, rising star games, rival games ltd, rokapublish gmbh, ron mcdowell and kyle polulak, rondomedia gmbh, roseverte, rotateam, rune storm, running with scissors

s – saibot studios, sakari games, sakari indie, santa clara games, sanuk games, schine gmbh, scorpius games, screen 7, scs software, seaven studio, sekai project, serellan llc, serenity forge, shadowshifters, shaman games studio, shaunjs, shawn beck, sherman3d, shiro games, shiver games, shovsoft, sigma team inc., silver dollar games, simbin, simogo, simon prefontaine, size five games, skobbejak games, skygoblin, sleepy duck educational games, slitherine ltd., smudged cat games ltd, snow cannon games, snowbird games, sometimes you, sonic sloth, south east games, southpeak games, space boat studios, sparpweed, spiky snail, spooky star, squid in a box ltd, srj studio, stainless games ltd, stamina games, stickmen studios, stirfire studios, storm_sharks, strategy first, studio evil, subaltern games llc, subvert games, subworld, suckerfree games, sunside, inc, superhot team, supervillian studios, surprise attack, surprise attack

t- tagstar games, tale of tales, talentplace, taleworlds entertainment, tamarin studios, targem games, tate multimedia, team reptile, team tripleslash, team17 digital ltd, techland, tentreegames, tequibo, ternox, teyon, thang phung dinh, the astronauts, the binary mill, the brotherhood, the domaginarium, the game creators, the game creators ltd, the indie forge, the secret pie, the working parts, thechineseroom, thorsten schleinzer, thq, three gates, timeslip softworks, tin man games, tinybuild, toco games, tomkorp computer solutions inc. tonguc bodur, topware interactive, topware interactive, tom banner studios, toxic games, transhuman, transhuman design, treefortress games, trese brothers, triangle studios, triple.b.btitles, tripwire interactive, triverske, turtle cream

u – uber entertainment, ubisoft, unfinished pixel, united independent entertainment, united independent entertainment gmbh, united independant entertainment gmbh

v – vae victis games, valu soft, varagtp, vector games, vector unit, versus evil, versus evil, vertigo gaming inc., vidiludi games and entertainment, viperante, viva media, vivid games s.a., vogelsap, voidmain studios

w – wales interactive, warlock arts, warner bros. interactive entertainment, wastelands interactive, wb games, weird and wry, west coast software, white rabbit games, wicked loot, wildtangent, winter wolves, wired productions, wither studios llc, wxp games llc, wytchlight

x – xaviant games, xgen studios, xiotex studios, xtase studios

y – yazar media group llc, yeaboing, yggdrasil studio, yokcos, youdagames

z – zachtronics, zackbellgames, zaxis games, zeiva inc, zeno rogue, zeritum, zero rock entertainment, zillion whales, zomboka entertainment, zooloretto, zooptek, zut games,



























video game publisher contact list – google search






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#IT – List Of Free PC Software

free pc software

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#IT – List Of Free PC Games

free pc games

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#IT – Extend Your Wi-Fi With A 2nd Router

Getting a good wireless signal can be quite difficult sometimes. The construction of your building can reduce the range, the amount of neighbours with wireless can mean all the channels are crowded and interference of the signal can lead to drops of connection etc.
There are many different products that can reduce or eliminate these issues and can be simple to set up or quite complex. Things like powerline adaptors are easier than wireless repeaters for example.
My prefered method usually involves not having to buy extra equipment or worst case scenario, being able to buy just 1 more item and not being limited or having to pay over the odds.

Most people have a wireless router whether it be a modem router combo or a sep modem and sep router.
The other thing most people have is another router – likely an old one that just got put into storage somewhere in a box/loft/garage/basement. It is this 2nd router that will allow you to extend your wireless range .
Even if you don’t have a 2nd router, you can buy pretty much any used router eg off ebay, craigslist, gumtree etc, and through a few configuration steps (which I will detail below) you can solve your wireless problem at either zero or very little expense.

You can think of it as the router you are already using is router 1 and the extender router is router 2.

Router 1 needs to have its DHCP settings altered so that instead of handing out IP addresses in the range of
xxx.xxx.x.2 to xxx.xxx.x.255
the first number needs to go up by 1 eg
xxx.xxx.x.3 to xxx.xxx.x.255
This means that we will be able to set the 2nd router to be xxx.xxx.x.2

Router 2 needs to have its LAN IP set to xxx.xxx.x.2 and needs to have its DHCP turned off as router 1 is in charge of handing out LAN IP addresses.
Router 2 also needs its firewall turned off as router 1 will be doing that job.

It is wise on both routers to start with:
o Go wired to any LAN port on each router individually to set them up eg
o The SSID (wifi name) and the passphrase (wireless password)
o Alter the router login password so that it isn’t the default
o Change the wifi channels on both routers to get the best signal on each router based on
where they are and other routers channels closest to them

I will give clearer steps to follow in a numbered, strict, clear order but the above guide is just a basic explanation of what needs to done so it is easier to follow as you do it.

The only things that do vary is simply what routers everybody uses as different manufacturers use different login details for various routers…

Without listing all the different brands of router there are a few common details I will provide:

User: admin
Password: <blank>

User: <blank>

User: admin
Password: admin

The easiest way to find out the above information is to simply look on the router for a printed area which should have it.
Once you find it you just go wired to a router LAN port and open your web browser and type the IP in.

This will get you to the routers configuration pages where you can make the above changes.


As mentioned I will list clear numbered steps to take but the other thing I will detail is how you actually check to see what channels all the other routers around are using. This allows you to pick the least crowded channels for your 2 routers. Also the only non overlapping channels are 1, 6 and 11 on the 2.4GHz frequency band which is useful to be aware of.

*This article will now be finished soon as I am currently having to set up 2 routers.

Here will be a link to the article for those specific router and I will borrow from it to complete this article.


I’m just going to tack the new content onto the end of this one until complete, then it will have its own article…


Setting up ISP gigabit routers using the extra as a repeater.

Steps to consider

Which router is 1 and which router is 2

What steps need doing in a certain order (otherwise you end up either locking yourself out of the routers – needing a factory reset – or you end up having to change settings over and over)

The first thing to do really is to decide what your own settings are going to be eg the name of the network and passwords you want to use – and write them down!

As an example, lets say you live in a house with an upstairs and a downstairs…

Lets also say that you normally would have just 1 router giving internet and it is located upstairs in a front bedroom (where the phone line is).

Now lets say that you try to use wireless tech in the back of the house downstairs (eg the garden), and lets also say that the connection is so weak that it drops often.

So to fix this we shall use a 2nd router to repeat the wifi so the garden has a strong signal for use.

Step 1 being the planning stage here’s what the above scenario looks like planned out…

Main router eg router 1 = upfront

Repeater eg router 2 = downback

So I will make the wifi names



another example could be simply



The point is, decide what you want to call them so that when you scan for your wifi you can tell which is which.

There’s our SSIDs decided and planned out, they even kinda make sense as well – which will help when picking the strongest one to use based on where we are sat!

The other info you should plan are the passwords…

Normally most people make up a password for their wifi to connect to it, this tends to only need to happen the very first time they connect a new device to the wifi. These days routers tend to have a password printed on the router which is usually 8 or more in length and tends to be made of letters and numbers to try and make it secure.

If you are familiar with enough routers supplied by companies and ISPs you will notice that a lot of the passwords follow a pattern. This is bad as once the pattern is understood, it becomes very easy to just guess the password by running a check against the known pattern for all combinations.

In the past people chose their own wifi passwords and just picked daft easy things such as 12345678 or 11111111 or password or… you get the idea!

If you just use all letters or all numbers this also makes it easy to work out.

The best passwords are the kind that have both letters and numbers in them but follow no obvious pattern.

For this reason I encourage you to make up your own wifi passwords but WRITE THEM DOWN!

Finally, routers always have a default password to actually get into their settings pages and I advise you also pick your own password for this!

So to recap, step 1 is literally understanding your wifi layout needs, naming the routers broadcast names, coming up  with the wifi passwords and coming up with the admin passwords

In my example here’s mine.


Router SSID:

Repeater SSID:

wifi password:

admin/settings password:


Step 2

Now you have this figured out it is time to actually start!

You can do this one fo 2 ways…

Either wired using an ethernet cable (my advised way)


You can do this over wifi (some people may not have the ability to go wired eg only have phones/ipads/tablets etc or maybe they dont have an ethernet cable!)

If you are going wired, put one end of an ehternet cable into the 1,2,3,4 slots on your router and put the other end of the cable into the port on your computer. Switch on the router and your computer then open up an internet browser on the computer…

In the address bar type your routers IP address (this can be found on the router itself usually




It will then ask you to log in and you will need the admin details off the router itslef again

Once you are logged into the router you will need to find the areas to alter the settins we need to reconfigure

All routers vary how these pages look and the areas that certain settings are – sometimes even the names of things isnt the same eg phrasing may be different.

For this reason I advise that you refer to your plan from step 1 and maybe consider having a sheet of paper with details on that you can refer to and keep track of as you do this.

So Step 2 needs

Router IP (default):

admin user (default):

admin password (default):

If you are keeping notes on all the settings and plans for setting changes, it makes it easier to reinput them if anything goes wrong resulting in you having to wipe the routers and start again!

Alos, now we are logged in we can also save a copy of the currents settings of the router so that we could restore them in a couple of clicks – this is ideal at the end when we can save our reconfigured settings easily and restore them in a coule of clicks should the router ever forget them. You really dont want to have to follow this guide in fuutre if you already reconfigued routers once before origfinallt!

A warning: It can be tempting to go in a try to save time by making all the changes in one go then saving settings but this always ends in disaster – you need to make as few changes per save as possible so that the router alters iteself correctly… it can result in you needing to fully factory reset the router if you try to rush things!

Im now going to list exactly how to do this all for a specific router which I need to work on,

This will allow me to provide the main bulk of info for this article and then it can be used be others to alter their own routers.

As I said earlier this info will end up in an article for these specidic routers im working on – but this original article will be vastly cleaned up to give only the usuable info that everyone can borrow to set their own routers up.

Also, if anyone does find this useful and is having trouble or wnats to ask anything, feel free to post a comment on this article and I will do my best to respond and if things need clarifying, chances are I will also improve the guide so future people dont have to ask as well!







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#IT – WordPress.com Themes That Caught My Eye


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